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Company history

Company history

Spritzguss Müller GmbH business administration
Spritzguss Müller GmbH business administration

Josef Müller started his business in 1987 in a garage in Steeg, with one injection moulding machine and one employee - his wife.

In the same year, he registered a patent which financed the machine. In 1993, a company building was built which housed a total of 3 machines.

Since then, Spritzguß Müller GmbH has grown steadily and now employs more than 50 staff, some apprentices and over 20 outworkers.

The succession of the business is guaranteed by the involvement in the company of Josef's son, Michael. Josef Müller has no plans to retire in the near future.

Müller produces precision parts and plastic components for mechanical and electronic assemblies as well as developing in-house ideas or carrying out developments for customers.

Müller's most prominent customers include Kerbl, Schletter, Siemens, BMW, Himolla, Rüdel and Disco.

„We don't do what others do; we do things differently and better!

This explains why we have registered so many patents and utility models.


Müller has its own definition of success:

„Success is when the customer comes back
and not the product.“

All developments are driven forward with this definition in mind.

Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001
TÜV certified since 31.07.2002

The first injection moulded component
The first injection moulded component